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Big step closer to new drug

One of the first projects Action Against Cancer funded after establishing as a charity in 2011 resulted in the discovery of a cancer causing gene called LMTK3. Since that time we have continuously supported the team in their ongoing research into discovering how this gene can be inhibited. This is crucial as LMTK3 often prevents therapies such as chemotherapy from working, meaning that patients run out of treatment options.

We are delighted to announce that the team have now successfully identified a drug compound that binds to and effectively inhibits LMTK3, resulting in anticancer effects.

These results have just been published in the prestigious journal Science Advances, which can be viewed here.

The research involved scientists from seven institutions in three countries and was led by Professor Georgios Giamas at the University of Sussex, who said: "We are now in the process of taking this research to the next stage by developing LMTK3 specific drugs. We hope that in the next five years we will be undertaking clinical trials, which is incredibly quick for this type of process."

The research suggests that LMTK3 inhibitors can be an effective treatment for breast cancer initially, and potentially other types following further study. It is expected that the oral LMTK3 inhibitor will have the potential for a broad range of clinical uses for patients, as a stand alone treatment, or in combination with chemotherapy, immunotherapy or endocrine treatments.

At present, cancer patients often develop resistance to treatments over time, and it is the anticipated ability of LMTK3 inhibitors to overcome this resistance that offers enormous hope for huge numbers of people.

Action Against Cancer is proud to support this pioneering research. To read more about this project, please click here.

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