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Professor Justin Stebbing


Professor of Cancer Medicine and Oncology, Consultant Oncologist, Imperial College and Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust.

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Professor Justin Stebbing trained in medicine at Trinity College, University of Oxford. After completion of junior doctor posts in Oxford, he undertook training and a residency at The Johns Hopkins Hospital in the US, returning to London to continue his career in oncology at The Royal Marsden and St Bartholomew's Hospitals and now through Imperial College and the aligned Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust.

Dr Stebbing has published over 550 peer-reviewed papers in journals such as the Lancet, New England Journal, Blood, the Journal of Clinical Oncology, Annals of Internal Medicine, as well as writing for national newspapers and presenting new data on optimal cancer therapies at major international conferences. His focus at Imperial College is on new therapies in cancer, and the systemic management of patients with solid malignancies. His laboratory work is concentrated on new druggable target discovery.

He is a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, the Royal College of Pathologists, and sits on the advisory Boards of a number of international cancer committees. Justin's team published in Nature Medicine, outlining the groundbreaking discovery of a new cancer-causing gene new mechanisms of cancer drug resistance. He was appointed the government's first oncology professor funded by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) – the mechanism the government uses to fund research through the NHS. In 2016, Professor Stebbing was internationally recognised with his appointment as co-Editor-in-Chief of Oncogene (Nature Publishing Group's cancer journal) and election to the American Society for Clinical Investigation.

"Justin Stebbing is the brightest young oncologist that I have come across; he has an incredible drive combined with extraordinary intelligence."

Professor Charles Coombs (Head, Division of Cancer, Imperial College)

"Justin combines his passion for scientific discovery with his calling to do the utmost for his patients. His commitment to discovering the root causes of cancer and developing groundbreaking cancer therapies is truly remarkable."

Professor Ajit Lalvani (Chair of Infectious Diseases, Co-Chairman of the Section of Respiratory Infection of the National Heart and Lung Institute)

"Professor Stebbing is a tireless and creative protagonist in the battle against cancer. Always open-minded and receptive to new ideas, he understands the complex dynamics involved in new drug development and has the intellectual courage and stamina to bring the fight to the enemy. He is a risk-taker, and we desperately need more like him."

Professor Mark Vincent (Medical oncologist, London Regional Cancer Centre, Associate Professor, University of Western Ontario)

"Professor Stebbing is not only an outstanding physician scientist but a very passionate clinician focused on the most innovative and cutting edge research. He is thinking outside the box and is an impressive and productive collaborator."

Professor Heinz-Josef Lenz (Associate Director for Clinical Research and Co-Head of the GI Cancers Program, USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center)