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Ashling, family and friends go the distance for Action Against Cancer!

My family and I were all very saddened and shocked when our mum was diagnosed with breast cancer. As I'm sure is the same with everybody who has someone close to them who's been diagnosed with cancer, you never think it is going to happen to you or anybody that you know. Very thankfully our mum was referred to the very highly recommended Professor Justin Stebbing by a close friend who had been treated by him very successfully a few years ago. He has really put our entire family at ease as much as is possible throughout my mum's treatment and has been great at keeping us informed about everything going on.

The results my mum has achieved are better than any of us expected due to Professor Stebbing's amazing treatment plan which has all stemmed from years of research into cancer treatments. It is so important to find cures for cancer. This is what Action Against Cancer is aiming towards and with such a great person leading the team at the labs, it was a very easy decision to decide to raise as much money as we could for this charity.

My dad, my brothers, myself and so many of our amazing friends (30 of us in total!) and family all decided to run the Silverstone Half Marathon in March 2013 as a big challenge for most of us not being regular runners. We all pushed each other to train, often training together which was a great laugh and had so much fun on the big day. So much fun that in fact half of us are signing up to run another Half Marathon at the end of this year which we never thought we would (whilst the other half were very happy with their achievement of running one Half Marathon and don't plan on doing another one).

1 in 3 people in the UK will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime so it is very likely you will know someone who has or will have cancer. Any fundraising you can do will make such a difference to so many peoples' lives in the future so get running/ walking/ baking or whatever else you can think of to raise some money for this amazing charity and make sure to have lots of fun along the way!

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Photo of 12 Ashling Coyles family & friends
Ashling Coyle (back row, fourth from right), family & friends at the Silverstone Half Marathon

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