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AAC Mobile FAQs

Can I use AAC Mobile for all of my calls and messaging?

Absolutely, and of course we would love you to. The more you use it, the more money you save. Whether you use wi-fi or your mobile data when you call another AAC Mobile user the call will be free *. But you can call anyone, anywhere, whether they are an AAC Mobile user or not, to any mobile or landline, and it will be up to 95% cheaper than your current network provider charges.

* Data costs may apply, it is unlikely, but as ever ask your provider for details.

Do I have to change my number?

No, you keep your usual number, marvellous!

But if you’d like an additional number on the same phone, or to avoid some of the data roaming charges when abroad, you can rent one from AAC Mobile. For more information, see ‘Rent’ in Settings.

Why is it cheaper than other providers and how does it generate donations?

AAC Mobile is brought to you in partnership with Squalk, an independent and UK-based Global Telecommunications provider. Using their own routes and call rates across the world they can ensure any call on Wi-Fi between AAC Mobile users is free* and any normal mobile call made to any other mobile or landline number is much cheaper than you are used to. A percentage of that cheaper call cost will come directly to Action Against Cancer for research developing cures for cancer. Just wonderful!

* Data costs may apply, it is unlikely, but as ever ask your provider for details.

Will my data be shared?

No. AAC Mobile does not store or share anyone’s data. All we need is your mobile number and a buddy name for chat (which can be any word you choose). You can add an image too if you’d like. We do not need your name, or take your email address. We never see your top-up payment or bank details.

Is my data secure?

Yes. Whatever you share and send on AAC Mobile is only ever seen by you and the person you are sending it to. Your message is secured, locked and encrypted on route using https. It is then secured again using AES 256 until the moment the person you sent it to views it using their own smart phones self-generating key to unlock it. The precise moment they view it the message is immediately wiped from our servers forever. Which means we don’t hold any of your data to share with anyone later, ever.

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