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What should I do?

From coffee mornings to golf days, from sponsored runs to head shaves, and from 24 hour silences to dodgeball tournaments, Action Against Cancer's fundraisers have done it all!

If you're looking for some inspiration, click here for a list of great fundraising ideas!

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Fundraising Tips

  • Inspire
    Let your supporters know what their donations will help to achieve. If you are passionate, your supporters will be too. Read about our work here. Please get in touch if you want to know more.
  • Set up an online donation page
    – An online donation page is the easiest way to gain sponsorship. Click here to learn how to set up an online donation page.
  • Keep costs down
    To ensure that you raise as much money as possible, keep costs down and see how much you can get without charge. Businesses and individuals are often willing to donate their time, services and prizes.
  • If you don't ask…
    Ask as many people to sponsor you as possible. Rather than sending out a group email, ask people in person or email them individually. The worst they can do is say “no” and you may be surprised by how many people say “yes”.
  • Many hands…
    Ask your friends and family if they will join you in your fundraising. The more people fundraising, the more funds raised!
  • Double your money
    Ask your employer if they will match the funds your raise. If your employers don't offer matched funding, ask them why not!
  • Think BIG
    Do you or anybody you know have a contact at a charitable foundation or trust? If so, make contact with them and ask them if they will consider supporting Action Against Cancer
  • Get in touch
    Get in touch and we can discuss your fundraising ideas with you as well as send you t-shirts, collection buckets and Gift Aid forms.