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Nothing will stop cancer battler Liz!

photo of Liz Buffini at end of Triathlon

Even a high-speed, head on, crash with a pedestrian, couldn't stop Liz Buffini from completing the Liverpool Triathlon. Liz, aged 60, of the Isle of Man, took part in the triathlon as a thank you to Professor Justin Stebbing, who she credits with saving her life, after spotting that she had been incorrectly diagnosed. Liz, who has already raised over £6,500 for Action Against Cancer, was diagnosed with breast cancer in March 2011, has undergone surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, and is still undergoing treatment which makes her herculean efforts all the more remarkable.

Liz explains that she was “hurtling down a dual carriageway at speed. There was a stream of people walking straight over on one of the pedestrian crossings. If I had avoided this man, I would have hit another”. Liz suffered a black eye, bruising, and shock but was able to complete the triathlon. She explains “so many people had generously donated to the charity through my fundraising page… I had to do it. I'm delighted that I did as I'm grinning from ear to ear now! The money I've raised will be used to develop treatments to help other people like me who are suffering with cancer. I'm glad to have done my bit”. 

Far from letting the crash put her off further fundraising, Liz has decided to take part in a 2.4km swim across San Francisco bay from Alcatraz, the former home of America's infamous prison, on August 14th. She said: “There's lots of rumours about great white sharks in the area. I just say I'm not bothered about them. I'm sure they don't eat foreign food!”.

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