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Cathy's coffee and cakes for AAC!

photo of Cathy and sister Susy holding big white and red tea pots.

Cathy Turner and her sister Susy have raised £1,500 for Action Against Cancer by holding a hugely successful coffee morning which was attended by 70 guests. Cathy was diagnosed with colon cancer in April this year and is being treated by Professor Justin Stebbing.

Cathy says that being diagnosed with cancer was “a bolt out of the blue” but is determined to remain positive. She read about Action Against Cancer's Chairwoman, Hilary Craft, and was inspired by her story. Cathy explains, “my sister Susy and I decided we would like to do something for Action Against Cancer and support Professor Stebbing's team's incredible work. It started as a little get together but before we knew it we had 70 confirmed guests! Everyone offered to help. Some brought cakes, some brought raffle prizes, some helped serve coffee and some dug deep and made incredibly generous donations. It was inspiring for me to see friends and family gather together and enjoy what was a really special day for me. I felt very loved and supported”.

As well as hosting such a fantastic coffee morning, Cathy has also come up with some great ideas for the 'Fundraising' section of the new Action Against Cancer website. Thank you Cathy for all your support.