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Art Attack on Cancer

Pencil sketch of Dolly Parton

Julian O'Dell is supporting Action Against Cancer through his original pencil drawings. He raised money for other charities via this medium for 18 months (raising an astonishing £17,000!) but is now giving 100% of sales proceeds to Action Against Cancer.

Julian picked up a pencil for the first time in over 35 years in May 2015, drew a portrait and was taken aback by the compliments from friends and family, one of whom wanted to buy it. Julian refused payment, the friend insisted and finally a compromise of a donation to charity for the picture was agreed. Thus the germ of an idea was formed and from that point on, Julian has taken his art set with him on his business travels and drawn and sold countless sketches - one recently for a donation to Action Against Cancer of £1,000!

Pencil sketch of David Bowie

Julian does not put a price on his work - it is down to the buyer to pay what they feel it is worth, but most go for three figure sums.

If you are interested in purchasing any of Julian's drawings and supporting Action Against Cancer, please visit his website:

Pencil sketch of Rod Stewart