Our work

Some 2016 achievements in the lab

Action Against Cancer supports cutting edge cancer research. Gifts in wills and other donations to Action Against Cancer have funded the following exciting progress in the laboratory.

The identification of important molecules that:

i. Drive breast cancer cells to grow and divide (candidate 12)

ii. Act as a tumour suppressor (candidate 1)

iii. Decrease the spread of lung and breast cancer cells (miR-515- 5p)

Other recent scientific findings by the team include how:

i. Pancreatic tumour growth is reduced by inhibiting a specific combination of molecules

ii. A protein (TP53) affects how normal cells turn into ovarian cancer cells

iii. A gene (LMTK3) is central in breast, colon, gastric and brain cancers.

Further research is underway in all of these areas with the aim of developing ways of diagnosing cancer earlier and treating it more effectively. We are hugely grateful to everyone who has made a gift in their will or a donation to make this work possible. Thank you.

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Dr Georgios Giamas looking in microscope Transparent lab bottle with orange lid