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Dodgeballers raise £16,000 in memory of Sally Leigh-Wood

Lady with her Team H jumper on On 21st January, in the depths of Canary Wharf, 21 teams fought it out to be crowned Dodgeball Champions and raised £16,000 for Action Against Cancer in the process! The event was organised in memory of Sally Leigh-Wood, one of Professor Justin Stebbing's patients. Amy Gillam, Clare Stevenson, Steve Doble and Will Macdonald, all friends of Sally's son, Dickon, managed an incredible feat of arranging, in just 4 months, nearly 200 people to give up their Saturday, wear fancy dress and play a game they had never played before all to raise money.

The family were incredibly touched that Amy, Clare, Steve and Will planned this event and felt it was a great tribute to Sally. Sally's daughter commented, "Looking back on Saturday I am so proud to have had a Mum who inspired so much in other people. She was like a magnet for our friends, they all loved seeing her and listening to her stories and opinions most of which were either hysterically funny or hysterically rude. Mum never gave up hope and that is why meeting Professor Stebbing was the best thing that happened to her during her illness. He didn't give up hope either and let Mum feel that she could have some control over her life again. I think she was more fearful of not having a choice than of the disease itself. My mother was fiercely independent and sometimes just downright fierce but love and fun are the two attributes she will be remembered for most and that's why I'm so happy we could raise money, so that more people's mums, families or friends can survive to give more love and have more fun."

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