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Read about some of our amazing fundraisers success stories!

Chris' Baltic Cycle Ride photo

Chris' Baltic Cycle Ride

My name is Chris Nolan. A month after my second daughter was born in late 2012 I was diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer that had spread to my liver, and was given six months to live. After a year and a half of treatment, hope and negativity, I had a consultation with Professor Stebbing. I immediately...Read on

Father and daughter Olympic stadium team!

Father and daughter Olympic stadium team!

Five months ago I was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer which had spread to my liver and I was given only months to live. I was very fortunate to find Professor Stebbing, who gave me a commitment to substantially improve this prognosis, I am now on my 4th cycle of chemo and so far the results have been very positive....Read on

Bernice Cowen

The Bernice Cowen Memorial Fund

More than 400 people attended the recent Bernice Cowen Charitable Trust quiz evening, helping to raise £7,000 for Action Against Cancer. This follows on from two golf days held in Bernice's memory, which were both oversubscribed by friends and acquaintances.

The Bernice Cowen Charitable Trust is building an excellent reputation for hosting superb events filled with fun, warmth and love. To date the events have raised over £40,000 for Action Against Cancer....Read on

Bob and friends at dinner

Bob's Super Supper in aid of Action Against Cancer

I was initially introduced to the charity by Professor Justin Stebbing, who was treating me for liver cancer. I wanted to know more, so asked Justin to give me an overview of the charity. He explained that the funds raised were used to support the team he was working with at Imperial College, and that the objective of their work was to find cures. This made the charity different from other cancer charities that were providing care ... ...Read on

Tracey giving dressage demo to her horse

Tracey's horsing about for Action Against Cancer!

I decided to do two in hand dressage demonstrations with my horses, with all proceeds going to Action Against Cancer, in support of my best friend, Cathy Turner. I felt that the best way I could support Cathy was to raise funds to support Professor Justin Stebbing's development of cures for cancer. The total amount donated was about £1,820. My tip for anyone thinking of doing something to raise ... ...Read on

Ashling, family and friends go the distance for Action Against Cancer!

My family and I were all very saddened and shocked when our mum was diagnosed with breast cancer. As I'm sure is the same with everybody who has someone close to them who's been diagnosed with cancer, you never think it is going to ... ...Read on

Stewart's Half Marathon Challenge

My auntie has battled stoically with cancer for a number of years now. I wanted to do something to show my support to her whilst helping to support the leading lights in cancer medicine in their development of new treatments for cancer sufferers worldwide. ... ...Read on

Sharon's marching mums! (and Amy's 'name the dog' competition)

When my dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer earlier this year the experience felt life changing. He had never been ill a day in his life, so to be told he had cancer when he looked outwardly well was impossible to comprehend. I decided that once his treatment was settled, I would ... ...Read on

photo of Cathy and sister Susy holding big white and red tea pots.

Cathy's coffee and cakes for AAC!

I was inspired when I read about the groundbreaking cancer drug development programmes conducted by Professor Stebbing and his team. I have two young children and want their future to be a safe and healthy one. I wanted to do some fundraising for Action Against Cancer and ... ...Read on